Wholesale and export clerk


3 years




Broad range of tasks

What can you make of yourself there?

Your apprenticeship to become a wholesale and export clerk is full of exciting and versatile challenges. You are responsible for organising the inventory system and supplying sales outlets with high-quality products. You're tasked with ensuring that wholesale operations maintain their high standards, and you will be interacting with suppliers every single day. It's all about the merchandise. You procure it, warehouse and distribute it to the customer. 

Duration and structure

Your apprenticeship will last three years – but when ‘well-managed’ it can be shortened under certain circumstances. During your apprenticeship phase you will also participate in internal training sessions, which ensure you are optimally prepared both for the final exam and the working day. 

Once completed you will have qualified as a wholesale and export clerk.

So what do you learn?

  • You'll learn all about the activities involved in wholesale

  • You'll learn everything about trading in goods and merchandise – from
    procurement through to warehousing and distribution to the customer

  • You'll learn everything there is to know about organisation, the sale of
    vehicle parts and accessories

Was sollte man dafür mitbringen?

  • Good organisational skills

  • A talent for persuasion

  • Sorgfalt & Genauigkeit 

  • An inquisitive personality and eagerness to learn

  • Team skills

  • An interest in business administration, commercial and logistical matters

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