The STAHLGRUBER GESELLSCHAFTER-STIFTUNG (STAHLGRUBER SHAREHOLDER FOUNDATION) was established by the shareholders of STAHLGRUBER in 2003. To date, shareholders have already raised capital of around €16 million for this foundation. After receiving the Certificate of Recognition from the Government of Upper Bavaria in November 2003, it became a certified civil law association domiciled in Poing.

Until this day, the foundation remains independent from STAHLGRUBER GmbH.


The foundation’s purpose is to promote further training in the field of skilled trades, occupational and academic training and further education, especially in the vehicle and tyre vulcanising trades, in industrial rubber technology and in related fields also with respect to management tasks.  The foundation offers funding and support to individuals irrespective of their origin, school education, economic situation and company affiliation, as well as projects, training facilities, professional academies and technical universities. The projects or individuals the foundation supports can be based in Germany or abroad. The aims of the foundation are, for example, realised through the following measures:

  • Training courses

  • Subject-specific courses and presentations

  • Facility tours

  • Achievement competitions with awards

  • Award of scholarships


  • Automotive trades

  • Vulcanising trades

  • Training courses

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