A strong track record thanks to quality

STAHLGRUBER brand AUDURA gives 3-year warrantiescentre stage

Workshops for a brand new alternative to expendable/spare parts at fair market prices have been going on for exactly 500 days: AUDURA, the STAHLGRUBER and PV Automotive brand. To mark this small anniversary, the AUDURA team is presenting its new campaign: “Hit the bullseye! 3 years under warranty.” There is a crucial promise at the heart of the campaign, and it sets AUDURA apart from other brands like it on the market: A 3-year warranty on all parts. After all, AUDURA is all about good prices as well as good quality.

Dr Holger Hättich, head of marketing & product management at STAHLGRUBER, gives his initial appraisal after 500 days of AUDURA: “We are very pleased our new brand was so well received by customers right from the get-go. Our decision not to make any compromises on quality and to purchase large quantities from the plants themselves – which also manufacture parts for renowned manufacturers of parts and vehicles – was the right thing to do.”

As a thank you for this great start, there is an electric scooter up for grabs at the trade fairs AUDURA is visiting this year. It’s true to the motto of the campaign: “Hit the bullseye! 3 years under warranty.” Visitors to the fair can try their luck at darts. You can find AUDURA at both STAHLGRUBER exhibitions in Sindelfingen (20-21 October) and Nuremberg (10-11 November) again this year, as well as at PV LIVE! in Hanover (1-2 September).