Award-winning trainees: Our 'STAzubis'



Focus: Germany’s best training organisations 2018 – STAHLGRUBER is in the TOP 100

There are very few other industry fields in which the demographic change can be felt as strongly as the training sector. The latest study performed by the news magazine Focus and financial magazine Focus Money, in collaboration with Faktenkontor, shows that STAHLGRUBER has had a first-class set-up in this department for a number of years. 

In future, there will be an ever-decreasing number of applicants available for the training market; future trainees will be able to take their pick of the best employers. According to the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), there are currently almost 200,000 IHK companies in the Federal Republic offering training in technical or commercial professions. The 20,000 companies with most employees were divided among almost 100 industries according to the latest study by Focus. The respective market leaders from these sectors comprise the TOP 100. The result made for very impressive reading for STAHLGRUBER: we are number one in the vehicle-parts industry.

The scientific study was led by Professor Dr Werner Sarges, Institute Director and Consultant Psychologist at the Institute for Management Diagnostics in Barnitz near Hamburg. The training quality of each company was assessed with the help of written questionnaires. The study placed an emphasis on five important aspects: this means that there was a special focus on trainee success, the structural data of the training, the trainee quota, payment and additional offers for trainees. 

‘From our point of view, this is a real confirmation that our Training department has been on the right track for a long time’, explains Erich Dehner, Training Manager at STAHLGRUBER GmbH. However, the measurable values of a training programme are only one side of the coin: ‘A short time ago, we shifted the focus of our training’, explains Dehner. ‘Grades and performance are one thing, but “social skills”, the social competencies of young people, are just as important for us. And when they are right, the rest comes almost automatically’.

STAHLGRUBER GmbH is currently training 86 young people in the position of Wholesale and Export Clerk, IT Administrator and Warehouse Logistics Specialist. There are almost 50 trainee places available for the start of the training year in September, of which around 20 are still available. This year for the first time, STAHLGRUBER is also offering places for professional training as Digital and Print Media Designers.