STAHLGRUBER has the best jobs 
with a future

It has just been officially confirmed that the best jobs in Germany with a future are at STAHLGRUBER, a wholesaler of car parts from Poing near Munich. This is based on a current study carried out by Faktenkontor on behalf of Focus Money and 
Deutschland Test. Psychologist and economist Prof. Dr Werner Sarges provided scientific support for the study. 5,000 companies with the most number of employees in Germany were scrutinised according to a report by Focus magazine (27/17 edition).

The study examined whether the jobs in these companies are future-proof. In the wholesale division, only 19 German companies managed to fulfil the relevant criteria for the study. STAHLGRUBER is one of these companies.

“This is an extraordinary result, which makes us very proud. On top of receiving the award for “Germany’s best employer”, this new study also proves how future-orientated our company is”, says personnel manager Hermann Kahlich in a first response. “It’s a good feeling that we are able to offer people secure jobs here within the company. And this is an industry that has changed immensely over the past few years and which will also continue to change in future”, explains Kahlich.

According to the report, just short of 500 companies from 53 different industries received the award for “Germany’s best jobs with a future”. The decision was based on their entrepreneurial development over the course of five years. Between 2011 and 2015, the number of employees was not allowed to drop in any year, the turnover for every year needed to be higher than the associated, moving average and the company’s profits had to be constantly positive. According to the report, these key figures combined reflected the economic prosperity of a company and thus the security of its jobs.