A Perfect Start in Chemnitz

STAHLGRUBER gets off to a great start in the exhibition period for 2019 with a record number of visitors in Chemnitz

STAHLGRUBER had a successful start to the 2019 season with the first exhibition of the year taking place last weekend. The car parts wholesaler based in Poing, near Munich, is happy to report a new visitor record at this event: Over 4,200 customers used the weekend’s exhibition to learn more about the latest trends in the automotive repairs sector. . 

“Last weekend we welcomed more visitors than ever before to such a small area at the exhibition grounds in Chemnitz,” said a very pleased Michaela Hueber, the Exhibition Director, in her initial response to the event. “This is a major success for us and it proves yet again that our exhibitions really belong to the best events in the industry.”

STAHLGRUBER was spot on with the selection of suppliers as well as with the partial redesign of the concept of the exhibition. “The number of visitors in our Profi-Forum, where industry experts spoke about current issues in the area of workshop operations, speaks for itself. With talks on coolant conversion or camera and radar systems, we were right on topic,” Hueber added.

Even the newly installed technical centre established itself as a visitor magnet with its first outing. When tools, and installation and diagnostics techniques are demonstrated on a vehicle, and when visitors can get involved too, then we can easily show the realities of the workshop, bringing us as close as possible to our customers,” explained Hueber.

Another highlight was the first Oldtimers Meetup exhibition this year. The owners of approximately 50 classic vehicles, from the early 1930s to the end of the 1980s took up our invitation to present their gems at the entrance to the exhibition. There will also be such Oldtimer Meetups at the exhibitions in Munich and Frankfurt am Main. 

Our upcoming exhibitions for 2019 are:
Munich:                       04/05/2019 – 05/05/2019
Frankfurt am Main:      18/05/2019 – 19/05/2019
Sindelfingen:               19/10/2019 – 20/10/2019
Nuremberg:                 16/11/2019 – 17/11/2019