The Start of a New Year of Training

43 New “STAzubis” Begin Their Apprenticeships at STAHLGRUBER

“Until now, you have been responsible for yourselves, and you seem to have done a good job of that. Today, you will also begin to take responsibility for the company you are working for.”

It was with these words that STAHLGRUBER CSO, Heinz Rieker, welcomed a total of 43 STAzubis. They had come to the STAHLGRUBER company headquarters in Poing (near Munich) to inaugurate their new year of training. The young men and women aged between 16 and 29 have begun their training at almost 30 different locations. 20 of them are being trained in business for wholesale and foreign trade, another 20 are being trained in warehouse management, and a further two are receiving training to become information technology officers.

And, for the first time in STAHLGRUBER’s history, training will be offered for a digital media designer this year.

“Once again, STAHLGRUBER has managed to fill their training positions with great candidates,” beamed Erich Dehner, Head of Training, and added, “This also shows us that our fine-tuned and improved recruitment process has already delivered the desired results.”

CSO Heinz Rieker offered the young employees a few words of encouragement that no one should be afraid of making mistakes: “Mistakes happen, they are human, and they can be overcome. This works even better when we stand up for each other and work together as Team STAHLGRUBER.”

In total, the car-parts wholesaler from Poing currently has almost 120 young people in training. They are based in various company locations alternating between the company headquarters, in almost 80 STAHLGRUBER sales offices, and in the company’s logistics centre in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, which is in the Upper Palatinate district of Germany.

In this way, STAHLGRUBER is fulfilling its social responsibility whilst at the same time investing heavily in its own future with highly trained young employees.