WERKSTATTkultur: Cool customer cars

A new concept for the cult STAHLGRUBER calendar

After more than 13 successful years, the STAHLGRUBER WERKSTATTkultur calendar has become a real institution in our industry. With the upcoming edition, WERKSTATTkultur is entering a new phase in its life. 

The STAHLGRUBER calendar team has opted for a new concept: moving forward, WERKSTATTkultur will be an artistic and elaborately designed car calendar. The calendar’s cornerstones – in other words, our customers and suppliers who showcase each month’s motif – will of course still be there. We’ll be showing automotive treasures that are owned by STAHLGRUBER customers. Shown in this form, it’s a concept that hasn’t been seen before. 

The new calendar is also interactive, featuring a QR code that takes the viewer to a short interview with the vehicle owner. In the interview, the owner discusses the technical and historical details of their car. 

“We are particularly pleased that we were able to get Sidney Hoffmann (known from the TV documentary PS-Profis) on board as a prominent ‘gearhead’ for the first version of the new calendar,” says project manager Markus Kleinhans. Sidney offered up an extraordinary “show car” to us for the shoot: an extensively tuned VW T2. It’s definitely a highlight.

A total of 40,000 copies of the STAHLGRUBER WERKSTATTkultur calendar will once again be published next year. It’s the exclusive Christmas present for premium STAHLGRUBER Group customers.