STAHLGRUBER wins another gold!

Coveted award: STAHLGRUBER WERKSTATTkultur calendar wins World Calendar Award

WERKSTATTkultur, STAHLGRUBER’s cult calendar project, has won the World Calendar Award for the fourth time already. The decision by the high-calibre jury in Lombards (the US state of Illinois) is a fantastic accolade for our calendar project – as is the positive feedback from a number of happy calendar owners. 

After their success in 2011, 2015 and 2018, the WERKSTATTkultur team are thrilled to win the coveted “Calendar Oscar” this year again. Gold was awarded in the categories “Best Contemporary”, “Best Glamour” and “Best Scenic”. Today, WERKSTATTkultur can look back on an extremely successful 14 years of tradition. Professional photographers, great photos, exciting locations and a unique concept are the key to this success. 

The motifs of our calendars are historical, rare or simply unusual cars. Remarkable about it, though, is that these cars are owned by our STAHLGRUBER customers. At our specialist trade fairs, the STAHLGRUBER exhibitions, these customers can apply for their car to appear on the calendar. A jury of enthusiastic car lovers will then choose the 13 calendar motifs. 

“We’ve been absolutely inundated with requests for the 2020 edition of WERKSTATTkultur”, declares Markus Kleinhans, Head of Marketing at STAHLGRUBER. “It’s great to see just how many STAHLGRUBER customers relate to our calendar and want to be part of it”. In just a few weeks, the team will decide which cars will be allowed to take part in the 2020 photoshoot. Further information, all current motifs and ‘making-of’ articles can be found onwww.werkstattkultur.com.