WERKSTATTkultur 2020

The cars of our customers perfectly showcased: STAHLGRUBER presents WERKSTATTkultur 2020

What do a Ford Mustang Fastback, a Renault Alpine, a Framo, a Beetle and an Opel Kadett all have in common? Not much, except for four wheels. To be honest, these cars couldn’t be more different. And yet something unites them: they are all stars in the new STAHLGRUBER WERKSTATTkultur Calendar 2020.  

Our customers put forward their jewels on four wheels, and our jury voted. Sports car classics, truly exotic cars, ‘bread and butter’ cars and even the classic craftsman’s station wagon from Germany’s economic miracle era all made the cut to make this an exciting compilation. The STAHLGRUBER calendar team has once again succeeded in creating a real work of art. The result is great cars, spectacularly showcased. 

And with the second issue of WERKSTATTkultur in its new look, one thing is for sure: the fan base of our car calendar continues to grow. ‘We mostly received feedback at our STAHLGRUBER exhibitions, where we regularly held exhibited classic cars in spring’, explains STAHLGRUBER company spokesman Elmar Voltz. All vehicle owners at the events were invited to apply for the next calendar issue with their classic cars. ‘As a result, we have received many applications for the 2020 issue’, says Markus Kleinhans, Head of Marketing at STAHLGRUBER. ‘It’s great to see just how many customers relate to our calendar and want to be part of it – we were delighted by the response.’

At the upcoming STAHLGRUBER exhibition in Sindelfingen (19th and 20th October), car lovers will once again get their money’s worth, with this being the last classic car event of the year. And, of course, we will then be looking for our next calendar cars for 2021.