logistics specialist


3 years




no everyday office life

What can you make of yourself there?

You will become the strongest link in the logistics chain: you're responsible for ensuring seamless operations in wholesale warehousing – from goods in through to storage and finally dispatch to the STAHLGRUBER sales outlet. Logistical processes are in your hands and must be closely interlinked with one another. First-class teamwork and customer focus are absolutely essential. But your world will extend far beyond the warehouse boundaries, because you will have to coordinate closely with other departments in the company

Duration and structure

Your apprenticeship will last 3 years – but if you really get to grips with the work, it can be shortened under certain circumstances. During your apprenticeship phase you will also participate in internal training sessions, which ensure you are optimally prepared both for the final exam and the working day. 

Once completed you will have qualified as a warehouse logistics expert. 

So what do you learn?

  • You’ll get to know all activities associated with warehouse logistics

  • You'll be responsible for implementing planning and organisational

  • You'll learn everything there is to know about the most efficient
    methods for loading merchandise due for dispatch

What should you bring to the table?

  • An inquisitive personality and eagerness to learn 

  • Analytical skills

  • Diligence and precision 

  • Good self-management skills 

  • A talent for persuasion 

  • Physical resilience

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