We value maintaining a healthy environment to build our future. As one of the leading parts suppliers in the automotive industry, STAHLGRUBER has a special responsibility to protect the environment. We are committed to following the highest standards of environmental protection and sustainable development. We always strive to make continuous improvements across all business divisions. The STAHLGRUBER logistics centre in Sulzbach Rosenberg is our central hub for the distribution as well as disposal of goods. Here, recyclable and sensitive products are carefully checked and then passed on for reprocessing through the collaboration with certified recycling companies. We conduct regular training to comply with hazardous materials regulations. All our premises are equipped with LED technology, and our sophisticated logistics chain significantly reduces our carbon footprint. We, of course, share our expertise and provide environmental-related information to companies in the vehicle repair industry at exhibitions and during our own in-house training courses.


The STAHLGRUBER GESELLSCHAFTER-STIFTUNG (STAHLGRUBER SHAREHOLDER FOUNDATION) was set up in 2003. It focuses on training young people in the field of tyre vulcanising and offers training in the automotive trades. Issues such as health and safety are the focus of training, as is the maximum period of use for built-in, exchanged or repaired materials.

To strive to improve your knowledge and skills and to adapt to new developments on an ongoing basis – was the life philosophy of Otto and Willy Gruber, both founders of STAHLGRUBER.