Leading Employer 2019




STAHLGRUBER belongs to the ‘top 1 per cent’ of all employers in Germany

For STAHLGRUBER, 2019 is kicking off with an amazing motivational boost. The automotive parts wholesaler from Poing (near Munich) has once again received a prestigious award and is therefore now recognised as the ‘Leading Employer 2019’. 

STAHLGRUBER therefore belongs to the ‘top 1 per cent’ of employers in Germany. The independent ‘Leading Employers’ study came to this conclusion through a comprehensive analysis. More than 70,000 companies of various sizes from different sectors were reviewed. The determining factors were precisely those that make a company attractive to employees.

The study is based on a meta-analysis of freely accessible data, meaning that more than five million data sets were evaluated. The determining parameters included employee offers, employee satisfaction, prosperity, the appreciation of values, HR expertise and image.

‘We are very pleased with this award’, says Sabine Sturm, Head of Personnel Management at STAHLGRUBER. ‘To be among the Leading Employers 2019 is a great success. It also reassures us that we made exactly the right adjustments necessary in the past. We are considered to be an attractive employer, and we distinguish ourselves from other companies in precisely those areas that we have paid extra attention to for years’, says Sturm. According to the Head of Personnel Management, above all, the Leading Employers study sets standards through its comprehensive view of the evaluated companies: ‘The holistic view of STAHLGRUBER highlights the award over again. The study also looks into economic and innovative strength, job security, sustainability, employee benefits or recommendations.’

In addition to the top 1 per cent of all German employers across all industries, company sizes and organisational forms, the study also shows other top values that STAHLGRUBER possesses. STAHLGRUBER is in the top 50 of the 14,000 companies evaluated throughout Bavaria, and if you look at the results from a purely industry-specific perspective, STAHLGRUBER even ranks first out of 630 wholesale companies evaluated throughout Germany.

The award is given out by 3.works GmbH, in media partnership with the ZEIT publishing group. In its own way, the Leading Employers study provides the world’s most comprehensive spotlight on the employer qualities of individual companies.